Check out the Long Islander's new video for "Sadist" here.
Orthodox will release "Learning To Dissolve" in August. Check out the new video for "Head On A Spike" here.
Cabal have released a Midsommar inspired video for their new song "Exsanguination".
They're back out of a lengthy hiatus with a new single.
LIMBS dropped a video for "Blood And Heel". Check it out here.
Adema is back with a new single and album.
I agree, everything does suck, and I'm doing my best to not be a part of it myself.
The new album "Spirits" is set to release in October. Hear the title track here.
He's no longer an "Ordinary Man" he's now "Patient Number 9".
Here's the new version of the song, with a slew of guest. Check it out if you want.