SHVPES Announce Break Up

  SHVPES has announced that they have broken up. The official statement was released on July 10th. “Good things all come to an end. After much introspection, we have decided to call it a day with SHVPES. As this band has evolved, we have grown a lot as musicians and as people. And as a result we
SHVPES has released a brand new track titled “Lion’s Den.” On the track, lead singer Griffin Dickinson states: “I think a lot of us can find ourselves in toxic environments that we eventually learn to call home. It’s easy to get comfy in a bad place yet simultaneously very difficult to make the choice to

SHVPES Release “Hot Head” Music Video

SHVPES have released a music video for a new song called “Hot Head“, which can be seen below. Griffin Dickinson, the band’s frontman, had the following comments regarding the video: “You never know what’s going on with someone behind the scenes, as people can be going through a lot and appear to be absolutely fine. When