Check out the Long Islander's new video for "Sadist" here.
Orthodox will release "Learning To Dissolve" in August. Check out the new video for "Head On A Spike" here.
Cabal have released a Midsommar inspired video for their new song "Exsanguination".
They're back out of a lengthy hiatus with a new single.
LIMBS dropped a video for "Blood And Heel". Check it out here.
Adema is back with a new single and album.
I agree, everything does suck, and I'm doing my best to not be a part of it myself.
The new album "Spirits" is set to release in October. Hear the title track here.
Here's the new version of the song, with a slew of guest. Check it out if you want.
Check out Fit For A King's video for "Reaper" here.