Caliban debuted the video below for their standalone single “The Shadow“. The video was directed by Tom Brückner. Regarding the lyrical inspiration, the band offered the following: “‘The Shadow‘ is about breaking out of a situation you got into by being blinded and deceived. A bloody made-up fairy tale with a happy ending.” Regarding the
Check out Caliban's "Darkness I Became" music video here.

Caliban Release “Alien” Music Video

  Caliban has released a new video for their track “Alien” to compliment the release of their new album Dystopia, which was released yesterday (April 22nd). Witzki Vision worked with the band on the visuals and had t “This track goes out to everyone. Because everyone is special. Sometimes we’re getting lost on our way and
  Caliban has released another new single from their upcoming thirteenth studio album, Dystopia. The track is called “VirUS“, and it features guest vocals from Marcus Bischoff, the vocalist of Heaven Shall Burn. You can find the video for the track below. Andreas Dörner, the vocalist of Caliban, offered the following on the song:   “It’s not about a
  Caliban has released the title track for their upcoming new album Dystopia. The track features guest vocalist from Christoph Wieczorek, the vocalist of Annisokay. You video for the track can be found below. The album is set to release on April 22nd.    
  Caliban has released a video for their new single “Ascent Of The Blessed“, which is the first song released from the band’s upcoming album Dystopia. You can find the video below, and there is no word quite yet on when the album is set to release. Andreas Dörner, the band’s vocalist, offered the following on

Caliban Debut “nICHts” Music Video

  Caliban has released a music video for their song”nICHts“, which is from their upcoming EP Zeitgeister. The EP will release will drop on May 14th and will find the band releasing reimagined tracks from the band’s past and in their native language, German. Andreas Dörner, the band’s vocalist offered the following: “Who am I,