Vildhjarta has released their new single “+ kristallfågel +“, which in translated to English from Swedish means ‘crystal ball’. You can check the song out below.

Vildhjarta Release New Song “+ ylva +”

Vildhjarta have released the new song below called “+ ylva +“. You can check out the track below.
Vildhjarta have released a new single called “+ den spanska känslan +“, which roughly translates to ‘The Spanish Feeling’ in English.
  Vildhjarta has released a new song from their upcoming new album Måsstaden Under Vatten. The new song is called “Penny Royal Poison” and can be found below. The album will be out on October 15th through Century Media.    
  Vildhjarta will release it’s long anticipated follow up to the their 2011 debut album Måsstaden on October 15th through Century Media. The new album is called Måsstaden Under Vatten. Along with the news the band has release two tracks from the album called “Toxin” and “Kaos 2“, which both can be found below. Måsstaden Under Vatten track
  Vildhjarta has released a new song called ““När De Du Älskar Kommer Tillbaka Fran De Döda“. The video for the track can be found below.    
  Reflections has released a new song called “Cicada“. The track features Calle-Magnus Thomér (Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta). The song is the first track released from the band’s upcoming EP Silhoutte, which releases on May 25th.