New York progressive deathcore band Monochromatic Black released the video below for their song “Cerulean“. The song is from the band’s latest album Vicissitude, which the band released independently last November
Check out the Long Islander's new video for "Sadist" here.

Monochromatic Black

Monochromatic Black is a progressive metal band out of the Long Island, NY area.
  Monochromatic Black has released a new single called “Abaddon” with a music video to accompany it. You can find the video for “Abaddon” below. Monochromatic Black can also be found in The Mosh Network‘s public independent band directory.    
Monochromatic Black sat down with The Mosh Network and answered some questions about how the band got started, how they write their music, what sets them apart from other bands, and more. Find Monochromatic Black and other independent bands like them, in our public band directory/map. MONOCHROMATIC BLACK ON SPOTIFY, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & YOUTUBE FOLLOW