Japanese ‘samurai metal’ band Ryujin have announced their debut album will be self-titled and will release through Napalm Records on January 12th. The band, which was originally called Gyze, has been taken under the wing of Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium, who handled production on the album and is featured as a guest on it.
Japanese ‘Samurai metal’ band, Gyze, has changed their name to Ryujin and has signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. Ryoji Shinomoto, the band’s guitarist/vocalist, offered the following comments regarding the news: “We have a very GRATEFUL announcement on behalf of Ryujin (ex-Gyze): Like a Phoenix from the ashes… Gyze has become Ryujin! Matthew Kiichi Heafy from Trivium is our manager, producer, mentor.