Heartsick Debut “Eight Years” Video

Heartsick have released the video below for their new single “Eight Years“. The video was filmed by Wombat Fire, and was inspired by Alfonso Civile, the band’s frontman’s beloved dog Gulliver’s passing.
Heartsick has released the video below for “Derecho“.
Heartsick debuted the video below for their new song “Event Horizon“. The visuals for the video were done by Wombat Fire.
Heartsick are reaching for their crown.
  Heartsick has released a music video for their song “Desperate And Broken“. The track features Clint Lowery, the guitarist/vocalist of Sevendust. The video is available below. Alfonso Civile, the band’s vocalist, offered the following on the song: “The song revolves around the two souls. One who is faced with the reality of dying and sinking into
  Heartsick has released an official video for their track “Animal Instinct“, from their Cinco EP. The EP will release on July 17th through Godsize Records. Alfonso Civile, the band’s frontman, offered the following about the latest track the band release: “‘Animal Instinct‘ is a song about human beings and our inability to separate our selves from
  Heartsick has released a music video for their track “Where The Trees Touch The Sun” from their upcoming Cinco EP. You can find the video below. The EP will release on June 25th via Godsize Records. The band offered the following comments regarding the video: “Most living things need a partner, need love, need to feel connected
  Heartsick will release their new EP “Cinco” on June 25th through Godsize Records. The recording sessions for that effort took place under producer Josh Schroeder (King 810, Tallah). In other news, the group have been booked as direct support at several of A Killer’s Confession‘s spring tour with The Failsafe opening. Those stops include: Heartsick has announced their Cinco EP will release on June

Heartsick Release “Indigo” Video

  Heartsick has released a video for their song “Indigo“, which is inspired by Audrie Pott & Daisy Coleman, two high school victims of sexual assault that took their own lives after enduring abuse and cyberbullying after wards.    
  Heartsick has released a new single called “Thrill Of The Hunt“. You can find the music video for the new single below.