Yesterday’s (May 19th) closing show of the annual ‘Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival‘ in Columbus, OH was packed with unexpected collaborations and nostalgic nods. Limp Bizkit took the stage as the penultimate act, but their performance was more than just a routine set. During their energetic set, Limp Bizkit surprised fans by inviting Slipknot‘s
For many years, the Wikipedia page for Iowa’s famous metal band Slipknot misled fans, also known as “maggots,” into believing that their late drummer Joey Jordison was a founding member. This misconception was understandable due to the band’s secrecy about their identities during their rise to fame and the complexity of their early years. Slipknot‘s
In a recent interview, Slipknot‘s new drummer, Eloy Casagrande, sheds light on his journey to joining the renowned masked metal band. While Casagrande was widely speculated to fill the role prior to the official announcement last month, his inclusion stirred controversy. Apart from lingering discontent over Slipknot‘s decision to part ways with Jay Weinberg in
Slipknot has announced the dates for the North American leg of their 25th anniversary tour, celebrating their double-platinum self-titled album from 1999. This leg of the tour, named the ‘Here Comes The Pain Tour,’ will feature the masked metal band from Iowa performing alongside Knocked Loose, Orbit Culture, and Vended. Recently, the band started this
Slipknot, the Iowan masked metal juggernauts, will host a special event in their hometown of Des Moines, IA, celebrating their 25th anniversary and the release of their self-titled album from 1999. This one-night-only event will take place at Water Works Park on September 21st as part of the ‘Knotfest Iowa‘ festivities. In addition to the
Slipknot, the masked multi-platinum alternative metal band, has kicked off their highly anticipated new tour. For devoted fans, known as maggots, this signifies more than just concerts – it’s a chance to witness the unveiling of new masks, outfits, and all the theatrics the band is famous for. However, 2024 holds special significance as it
Slipknot‘s recent lineup additions may have been inadvertently revealed due to a blunder on their teaser website, This site, designed to promote the band’s 25th anniversary of their 1999 self-titled album, features a throwback design reminiscent of early internet aesthetics. However, hidden within the site’s assets were possible clues about the band’s new members.
Slipknot appears to be gearing up for an extensive tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their 1999 double-platinum self-titled album. While the band has primarily focused on European and UK tour dates for this milestone, recent developments suggest they are now turning their attention to North America. The website, has been affiliated with
After being recently acquired by promoter Danny Wimmer Presents, the lineup for this year’s ‘Rocklahoma‘ festival has been revealed. The festival will be held on Friday, August 30th through September 01st at The Rock Red Dirt Ranch in Pryor, OK. Initial daily lineups include: Thursday, August 29th (pre-party for weekend pass holders): Tom KeiferFaster PussycatSkarlett
In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg was poised to launch ‘TheFacebook,’ a platform that would redefine social media and shape the digital landscape for years to come. Sports enthusiasts were treated to an unforgettable showdown between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers in a Super Bowl for the ages, while the Boston Red Sox‘s historic